Existing or Truly Living?

January 31, 2007

Senin, 30-01-07, 11.01 siang

Pagi yang mendung. Gi malas ke kampus.

I want to share my daily-bread topic i’ve just read this morning.
But, I write it short bcoz i haven’t fully understand of it and my english is not good enuf.

It’s bout life. The title is Existing or Truly Living?

Interesting title. Are u live just to stay exist? Juz follow the flow? It’s really me. I’ve always thought just do it, just do it. Let it flow.

But, u know what? HE came to the world so that we could experience life to the full. A life HE designing for anyone of us that is truly different with this world’s standard. Be useful for others, and especially for HIM. Do the best we can, not for us, but for HIS glory. Yeah, at least, don’t be a burden for other people lah.

Eh, klo inggrisnya ada yg kurang bener kasih komentar ya. Buat gw pelajarin jg.



  1. ford miami

  2. dayton ford

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